Composer, Sound Designer, and Audio Engineer for Mixed Media

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C0nSolo Is

Shaun Finnegan, a composer, voice actor, and audio engineer for video games and film.  

Headquarters: NY, USA.  Wife: 1  Dog: 1  Cats: 2

All work is composed in Logic X using a mixture of real instruments, voice, plugins, samples, coffee, and assorted nonsense.

When he's not writing or teaching music, and if you know where to look, you might spot him roaming around in the forests and mountains of the Hudson River Valley.

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Some of my work, by genre:

Dark Electronic

Adaptive Soundtracks

Orchestral/Electronic Blend





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 Below are some handpicked, oven-fresh, ConSolo Vox Ridiculi, AKA several completely improvised and straight-off-the-brain voice characters of mine.  If you need voice work done, I can do a range of them, and fairly quickly.  I am also in the business of directing and recording voices for others.  That's right, I'm open for business.  Now, clear your mind...

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